02 November, 2013

I Believe...

inspire-believe- achieve

 I believe in old fashioned creativity.

 I believe in getting your hands dirty- gardening, cooking, finger painting.

 I believe that giving hand-made gifts means so much more than just  

   buying  them at the shops even if the quality isn't as good).

 I believe that growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

 I believe in manners.

 I believe that everyone is creative and contributes something wonderful     to the world.

 I believe in miracles.

 I believe in singing and laughing and dancing (sometimes all at once).

 I believe in unicorns.

 I believe that if you believe in it and want it badly enough it will happen.

 I believe in bright colours.

 I believe in releasing my inner child as often as I can.

 I believe in just giving it a go, even if it's a total failure (failures aren't   

   failures, they're lessons).

 I believe in sitting on the floor.

 I believe in stretching.

 I believe in hugs.

 I believe in YOU

 What do you believe in? I'd really like to know.